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2014 Roys Idol'n'Trivia

26 July 2014 7:00pm
Fitzroy Town Hall
201 Napier Street FItzroy

Members, families and supporters of the Fitzroy Junior Football Club come together each year at the Fitzroy Town Hall to have a party and celebrate the Roys! 2014 is our inaugural Idol performance together with our very own version of Trivia.

This is the must do event of the year. To book click here

Fitzroy Junior Football Club - MONSTER RAFFLE

Dear parents and Friends

We are launching this year’s Monster Raffle. We have a far bigger and more exciting prize pool this year (See List below). This is an mportant fund raiser and will give a significant and much needed boost to our income for 2014.

The Raffle will be drawn at the Clubs “Idol 'n Trivia” on the 26th July.

Many thanks to all the Businesses supporting the raffle with prizes:
Tassal Salmon and the Tassal Salmon Shop , Hawthorn FC, Brisbane Lions FC, Belgian Beer Café, Malvern Hotel and Chocolatier.

First Prize: Dinner for 20 people at The Tassal Restaurant/Café.
Tailored to suit: Celebrate a Birthday, use the Cooking studio for a night of fun with Tassals head Chef or relax with friends – The Restaurant is yours for the night!

Trivia Night 2014


2rd Prize: Premium Seats – Level 2 Etihad: Roos V Cats 2nd August
3th Prize : Premium Seats – Level 2 Etihad: Blues V Suns V Cats
4th Prize: Premium Seats – Level 2 Etihad: Blues V Cats
5th Prize: Premium Seats – Level 2 Etihad: Essendon V WCE
6th Prize: Premium Seats – Level 2 Etihad: Essendon V Suns
7th Prize: Hawthorn 2014 signed Jumper
8th Prize: A framed signed jumper of Fitzroy's Team of the Century
9th  Prize: Georg Jenson New York Cutlery Set
10th Prize: $100 voucher for Belgium Beer Café
11th Prize: $100 voucher for Belgian Beer Café
12th Prize: $100 voucher for Malvern Hotel
13th Prize: Chocolatier Chocolates
14th Prize: Chocolatier Chocolates
plus surprises: Dinner for 4 at the fantastic La Luna restaurant! 5 Roys Umbrellas, 2 Tassal 25 year limited addition cook books.


Roy Girls give a roar to Women's AFL Football

A group of 32 FJFC Roy Girls and their supporters gathered at Etihad stadium on Sunday 29th June, to witness The Melbourne Women's AFL Football Team defeat The Bulldogs by 46 points in the AFL 2nd Women’s Exhibition Match.
The fresh chilly morning started with an introduction to the u16 Women's State Team and a catch up with our Blackburn friends who were also in attendance at the game.

Nestling in behind the goals and by the side of the Dee’s Cheer Squad, the Roy girls observed a strongly contested, efficient and effective running game by these elite footballers.

The game was an opportunity for the Roy Girls to see what is possible in Women's AFL and to be exposed to role models that they can aspire to. Chelsea Randell from the Dees was awarded the most valuable player for her team with 23 possessions,14 marks and 2 goals.
The bulldogs Ruckman, Aastar O'Connor was their best player, finishing with 24 possessions, 11 marks and 36 hit-outs.

The Roy girls observed and discussed how the women played, seeing how to win the ball in a one on one contest, the benefit of consistent running, running to space and the value of big marks, clean hands and accurate delivery of the ball to a teammate. The match was adjudicated by all female umpires who demonstrated smart interpretation of the rules, allowing the players to show off their skills.

The girls enjoyed the atmosphere of Etihad stadium and mingling with the mascots from both the Doggies and the Dees. A few of the girls who are loyal doggies fans showed off their colours while the others in the group shouted loud for the Dees. 

The Girls represented FJFC with pride and were a great group to take to the game. A number of people attending the game were most interested to hear of the success at Fitzroy Junior Football Club in the establishment of three Girls Teams.

Many of the mums also enjoyed the morning and were most impressed with the high level of skill demonstrated by both teams. Good inspiration for the mums for the end of season Mums Vs Roy Girl scratch match to be played at the end of our last training session.

A very big thank you to Brett Daniher Manager of Education at the Western Bulldogs for organizing and providing group ticketing for the Roy Girls. Finally Congratulations to The AFL/VFL Women’s Football Development Manager Chyloe Kurdas and her team, who continue to demonstrate “how to fuel brilliance”. The Roy Girls are already looking forward to next years Women’s Match.

For those of you who missed the game you can view the replay by following this link:

See a great specky by Tayla Harris on Footy Classified

See what Jason Dunstall has to say about women’s Footy

MELBOURNE                                  4.2   7.7   7.10   10.12 (72)
WESTERN BULLDOGS                1.2   3.2   4.2   4.2 (26) 

Melbourne: Harris 3, Randall 2, Bentley 2, Gibson 2, Dunn
Western Bulldogs: Hope 3, O'Dea 

Melbourne: Randall, Blackburn, Forch, Pearce, Bowers, Harris  
Western Bulldogs: O'Connor, Kearney, Brennan, Hope, Paxman, Spark  


Reader contribution

Jenni Soames was recently inspired to consider footy and how it affects us, particularly young people. She has generously provided us some of her thoughts. To see Jenni's article click here


Indigenous Round

Following another successful celebration of our Indigenous heritage in the Wurundjeri Lands at Brunswick St, Alfred Crescent, Ramsden St and many other YJFL team venus with the Kulin Nations area, we would like to gather images from all around the grounds.

If you have images which you would like added to the 2014 collection, please send them using this email link.

2014 gallery here

Indigenous Round page



Brisbane Lions Coach and Captain Address Under 14’s

By Glenn Henry

Sunday 18th May – As a part of their members day at Brunswick Street Oval Brisbane Lions Coach Justin Leppitsch and Captain Jed Adcock took the time to talk to the top of the ladder Under 14’s Blue team.
Justin spoke of how important it is to do the team things, he emphasised how even the best players in the AFL need to work hard on their strengths and that in fact hard work is the very quality that makes them the best.
Jed Adcock talked about how much of a thrill it was to captain an AFL team and that his main job was to make sure his team-mates were following the coaches instructions and team rules.
Justin left the boys with the advice “if you see something happening during the game that needs to be fixed, do something about it, don’t just watch!”




Footy Mums

By Grandpa Pannell
Under 11 Green Player Grandfather

Where has Saturday night and Sunday morning gone?
Can’t party on or sleep in, spending the morning
Just yawning.
Now it’s up before dawn
After the alarm’s five minute warning
Rubbing sleep out of the eyes
Clearing the head
Getting kids out of bed
And ready

Not the game they used to play
On Saturday afternoons,
But the one where the kids show the way
In the Sunday morning crack-of-dawn game.

Mum’s the timekeeper today
So there’s no time for breakfast, no time to do her hair
(Coffee when we get there).

Just look at it:
Rain, rain, rain
Pouring again
Rain, rain, rain.

It’s underwater footy today –
The ground is sodden,
The ball is sodden,
The kids are sodden;
At least today there’s more mud than blood.
But who’s going to wash it off their clothes?
Mum I suppose.


We know Dads are important
Some may even – before the beer –
Help to wash the muddy gear.
But we all know
That every footy day is mothers’ day!
So let’s all say:

Lindy Whyte and Jodie Munro with Mothers Day cakes at the Under 11 Green match. The captain of the round - Archie Taylor gave three cheers to the mums then each boy handed out a cup cake to their mum and or grandmother at the game.

Last Updated July 23, 2014